See User Experience and User Narratives for more information. Also referred to as UX Design[1]

(from source[2]) "As audiences’ relationship with storytelling evolves and stories become more fluid across devices, understanding UX (User Experience) design will become an essential skill for artists. When I begin a project I’ll often allocate time to create “user narratives.” A common practice within product and interactive design, user narratives look at how a user moves through an experience in an attempt to understand how and why they make the choices they do. Filmmakers interested in expanding the stories they tell can find value in UX. Understanding it can aid the flow of stories across devices and into the real world. Similar to crafting a scene where you want to hook the audience by creating an emotional connection to the story and its characters, UX is a way to craft coherent, resonant and grounded storytelling experiences for stories spanning multiple platforms and devices."

(from source [3]) "experiences created and shaped through technology (aka User Experience) and how to deliberately design those."



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