(from source[1]) - "Greg and I like “social shows.” We debated internally for months and discussed a ton of different variations, but ultimately we liked this because it’s short and sweet and not too limiting. It’s a show that’s social. Simple as that. The word “show” implies “entertainment” and “performance,” and the word “social” gets to the interactive and real-time nature of the art form. "

A nice list of elements can be found in this article[2] about Social Shows.

(from source) "Goodfried then reels off the key ingredients for a social show:

•Initial distribution of video content occurs in a two-way medium.

•Multimedia storytelling exists outside of the video experience (e.g., Twitter, photos, messages, chat rooms).

•Interactivity occurs between the show and the community, (e.g., the audience can immerse themselves in the show, or there's no wall between the audience and the show.

•The show has a hub -- a community site with social features. Beckett expanded a bit on the "rules" laid out with a nod to "Being John Malkovich."

"Essentially the show is a portal through which the audience can participate in the story. The portal is not just their way to watch the program but it has hooks for them to become the story in a seamless fashion," Beckett said. A young viewer watches a scene that includes a call to action for the audience member to do something such as break a code, find a Web site, or shoot a video.


  1. "Streamys Let Us All Down" by Miles Beckett April 15, 2010
  2. Social Shows: A Winning Mix Todd Krieger October 3, 2008

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