Scott WalkerEdit

A collection of the projects and websites he is involved in -

Includes (from his site)

  • Brain Candy, LLC - President - Brain Candy, LLC works with content producers to construct custom narrative frameworks where audiences co-create value with producers. Value co-creation through audience collaboration in participatory entertainment.
  • Runes of Gallidon World Steward - A living fantasy world designed for creative collaboration in an online community. A collaborative commercial entertainment property from Brain Candy, LLC.
  • Transmedia Feed - Co-Founder - A group of global thought leaders bringing together the various transmedia conversational threads (website launching soon).
  • Shared Story Worlds - Founder - A site dedicated to highlighting collaborative commercial entertainment properties and sharing best practices for participatory entertainment.
  • Transmedia Los Angeles Group - Co-founder - A monthly meeting of Los Angeles individuals interested in sharing their transmedia experiences, views, and projects.


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