(from source[1]) - "As computers and media delivery systems get everywhere in our lives media becomes increasingly customised to our particular needs, tastes and desires. Pervasive media, unlike broadcast media is sensitive to it's surroundings or to who is consuming it. A media player might know where it is, who is looking at it or elements of a viewer's history. It's an exciting new trail to be blazed, both for mega-corporations and for artists."

The Pervasive Media Studio[2] offers the following:

"The simple explanation:

Pervasive Media is basically any experience that uses sensors and/or mobile/wireless networks to bring you content (film, music, images, a game…) that’s sensitive to your situation – which could be where you are, how you feel, or who you are with. Oyster Cards are a simple pervasive device: so are audio guides at tourist attractions, which can give you extra information according to where you are and which bits you’ve been to already.

The more complex explanation:

Pervasive Media is Digital Media delivered into the fabric of real life and based on the situational context at the moment of delivery"

See also - Ubiquitous Computing


  1. ) "Towards a Vonviral Glossary. What the hell is 360 cross-platform pervasive transmedia? " by Rik Lander January 10, 2010

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