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Some Basic Wiki Formatting and HelpEdit

check out and

If when you type in the wikia URL you go to recent activity and not the homepage - check this -

How to create a narrative/project page or set of pagesEdit


How to create a glossary entryEdit

Use the glossary tag

how to create a page for an article/authorEdit

see the page for Nicoletta Iacobacci as an example

  1. Do NOT create a page for the article, but rather the author (or organizations). If there are multiple authors, use the first author's name (although if you are feeling motivated, create pages for all authors and add the article to each page). If it is webcasts or similar event/article/transcript, check to see if there is a page for the group or organization that hosted the event (see Digital Book World for an example)
  2. Check the all wiki pages list first to make sure a page does not exist for that author.
  3. If no page exists, create a page with the title of the page as, Firstname (capitalized) Last name (capitalized) (if you can, add page redirects from the Last name, First name - check here for help on redirecting)
  4. If a page exists for same name, but different person, you can either make a sub section on the page to differentiate between the multiple authors or create a hub page containing links to subpages (see this article for example)
  5. The articles should be listed in chronologic order with most recent date listed first - use the title of the article as the heading
  6. Include a ref tag with the full URL of the article, title, author(s) and date of publication
  7. List a very brief summary of the subject
  8. Category Tags should include: article, author, the author's lastname, the general category of the article.

List of article categories:

  • entertainment
  • education
  • marketing (this includes branding/marketing/advertising)
  • activism (this include non-profits)
  • business
  • crowdsourcing (crowdfunding)
  • publishing (includes crossmedia novels)
  • general (does not fit in any one category)

How to create a page for a blogEdit

How to create a page for a toolEdit

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