Many out there are trying to accomplish the same overall goal as this wiki, to catalogue, manage and collect all the information and definitions associated with transmedia storytelling and related topics. Here are other collections

  • ThinkTransmedia Wiki Page/Community - annotated glossary bibliography of terms associated with transmedia and ARGs [1]
  • New Media Buzzwords by Dr. Anthony Curtis [2]
  • Towards a Vonviral Glossary. What the hell is 360 cross-platform pervasive transmedia? Posted by Rik Lander on January 10, 2010 - [3]
  • Social Media Glossary by Constant Contact[4]
  • The New and Improved 2010 Social-Media and Mobile Glossary A Jargon Refresh Is in Order By: Pete Blackshaw Sept. 28, 2010 [5]
  • Storytelling: Cross-Media, Transmedia, Immersive ... All the Same Thing? By Katharine on August 31, 2009 [6]
  • Falling in love with media - this is one page from a blog that has a number of definitions - (from source) - "This blog displays the results created by designteam Falling in love with media. This design team has been created to participate in course IO3010, Cross Media Interaction at the faculty Industrial Design of Delft University of Technology)(Thian Lim, Floris van der Marel, Rashna Mourillon, Willem Span)[7]
  • SAP Deign Guild - Glossary (focus on Narrative User Interfaces[8]
  • Narratology Terms - Felluga, Dino. "Terms Used by Narratology and Film Theory." [9]
  • The Living Handbook of Narratology based on the Handbook of Narratology, first published by Walter de Gruyter in 2009. [10]


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