sometimes spelled entrypoints see Rabbit Hole

How a user can enter your story/property/project. May be platform, medium, content based.

from source[1] "To recap: transmedia is crossmedia with a deeper level of involvement, from the producers side as well as from the consumers. By building a narrative superstructure – a mythology, if you will – around your property, you’re at the same time building the possibilities for multiple entry points into your property for the audience."

From Source (found in comments to article) [2] "In a sense, that's the value of the 'entry point' or rabbit hole - a particular component that would entice, or lead an individual into the greater story, because on its own it's simply incomplete."

From Source[3] "Ultimately, transmedia storytelling can expand your brand’s surface area, creating more opportunities for people to connect with the core narrative. “Each bit of the larger whole contributes to the viewer’s discovery of the story universe, and each piece is an entry point by which the consumer can … discover the story world and in turn be immersed within that story world,” Blacklight Transmedia’s R. Eric Lieb told The Wrap.

I think this idea of “entry points” is particularly key. Couldn’t you argue that the presence of George Mason as a Cinderella entrant into the 2006 NCAA Final Four is part of that university’s transmedia narrative, with the accomplishments of the basketball team serving as a new entry point? George Mason’s 20 percent increase in freshman applications, 52 percent increase in registered alumni and 18 percent increase in gifts certainly indicates as much."


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