(from source[1]) - "In a crossmedia environment, content is repurposed, diversified and spread across multiple devices to enhance, engage and reach as many users/viewers as possible. It is common to call crossmedia “content 360″. It is generally the same program re-edited for different screens, fragmented content disseminated on different platforms, possibly incorporating extra content and channels to extend the viewers’ experience."

There is also a conference called Content 360 hosted by MIPTV (from source [2] )"The Content 360 Festival’s competitive stage connects developers of future-defining creative concepts with the most influential audience in multi-platform content. As the 2011 Festival took place during Connected Creativity at MIPTV for the first time, winners were at the center of the all-new global forum uniting entertainment, technology and mobile media"

Rea this article for more on the Competition associated with MiPTV [3]


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