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What is a Transmedia Narrative (project)? Well see the page on Transmedia 101 for more detail and discussion (as well as the Glossary).

This part of the wiki serves to simply list assorted projects/stories that have used transmedia structure to deliver content/story. This can be rather complex as many projects have multiple resources/subprojects that all feed into the larger project/story. When possible, the large project/universe will be identified and then resources and related properties will be linked to that project.

Undoubtedly many classifications will be open to preference/interpretation, so please help add known resources and comments as to the organization of this section.

Projects are listed below - pages should be created for each project (at the very least) with possible subpages for individual resources/properties within a larger project.

example nomenclature - make sure to add the category narratives to each page created

Project Title

  • resource 1
  • resource 2

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