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"It's a BBC term that is usually used with the term multi-platform, as in, "360 degree multi-platform content creation." It is also used as a stand alone expression. Not to be confused with 360 panoramas or xbox 360. My interpretation is that it is the BBC management term for new working and commissioning practices that incorporate the following:
1. It was no longer deemed cost effective to have journalists who just worked on a single platform such as radio, TV or web. 360 means the same journalist will file radio, TV and web reports. This was originally called "bi-media," but platform inflation rendered the term obsolete.
2. 360 degree also refers to the changes in the way viewers consume BBC media - for example "on-demand" viewing of a linear TV show, or watching the webcam of a radio DJ.
3. It was decided that every TV and radio show should have a website. This is said to be 360 commissioning. Personally I see it as 180 - more of a straight line rather than a circle.
4. Audience feedback, a product of social media, blogging, texting, twitter and so on is also part of 360 degree thinking." see related - 360 Initiative


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